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10 Different Types of Toys for Kids and Their Benefits

10 Different Types of Toys for Kids and Their Benefits

Ashutosh Singh |

Toys are an essential element of development in children. Playing with different types of toys helps develop social skills, problem-solving, critical thinking, creativity, imagination and physical abilities in children.

In this post, we look at different types of toys you should consider for the all-round development of your child.

Keep leading to learn about different types of kids' toys and how they aid in the development of your child. 

Ride-on Toys

 Ride-on Toys for Kids

Kids' ride-on toys help develop physical and cognitive skills in children. Some ride-on toys encourage physical activity and foster a sense of exploration in children. 

Children also feel a sense of accomplishment by playing with ride-on toys which can be great for boosting their self-confidence. These are useful forms of toys for children that they can ride on such as ride-on trucks, go-karts, tractors, etc. 

Understanding the dimensions is crucial to selecting a ride-on toy appropriate for your child's age. 

Building Blocks


Building blocks for Kids Play

Playing with blocks may seem simple to an adult but this basic activity can help kids to develop a lot of skills. They learn about shapes, sizes, gravity, and basic math principles. Stacking, sorting and counting blocks also lets your child express their creativity and imagination. Block play also helps practice important concepts such as length, measurement, symmetry, balance and comparison. 

Puzzle Toys 

Puzzle Toys for Kids

Puzzles are among the most popular toys for kids that come in all sorts of difficulty levels. The beauty of puzzles and arranging toys is their versatility. They provide an opportunity for kids to build problem-solving skills.

It is important to choose puzzle toys with the right level of difficulty for the current development stage of your child. This allows children to build their problem-solving skills through regular practice. The feeling of accomplishing a task on their own helps maintain their curiosity and interest. 

Sensory Toys 

Sensory Toys for Kids

While sensory toys have been around for a while, they are gaining popularity in recent times. Sensory toys work great for kids with different age groups and developmental stages. These toys help children focus and pay attention. They also help kids interact with the environment around them. 

By engaging in sensory play, children can develop language and motor skills. These activities engage all the senses of your child which helps them learn and grow. It also encourages them to explore different experiences and develop social skills.

Musical Toys 

Musical Toys for Kids

Musical toys may be irritating for adults, but they are very useful for engaging your kid's senses. At the same time playing with musical toys helps boost your child's imagination and teaches them patience and persistence.

These toys also give children a chance to express themselves. Kids are naturally curious about the different sounds the toys can make. Additionally, the musical toys help your children while having a lot of fun. 

Wooden Toys 

Wooden Toys for Kids

Plastic toys enjoy immense popularity due to their affordability. But they contain phthalates and formaldehyde which are toxic for health. Wooden toys on the other hand are a better option as they are made from a renewable resource. 

The simple aesthetic and sustainable nature also make wooden toys a popular choice. At the same time, they are more hygienic and safer than plastic toys. 

Dolls and Puppets   

Dolls and Puppets

Playing with dolls and puppets helps in the social and emotional development of children, when kids play with dolls they get lost in an imaginary world. This gives an opportunity to come up with different situations and solutions. This imaginary play can be a great escape for children to process complex emotions in a comfortable way.

Playing with puppets is an educational activity for kids that is not only fun and entertaining but also aids your child's development in early years. The purpose of puppetry is to create interaction and fun dialogue that encourages language development in kids.   

Pretend Kitchen Toys 

Pretend Kitchen for Kids Play

Play kitchens are a popular resource for pretend play that give children the opportunity to imitate different situations. Kitchen pretend toys are a great way to encourage children to explore different imaginative scenarios. They can take on different roles to express their creativity in a fun way.

A play kitchen set can also encourage the development of fine motor skills in children. At the same time, they get to learn to recognize kitchen items. 

Sports Toys 

Sports toys

Sports toys help boost a child's self-confidence from a young age. They also help children feel good physically and mentally. Skills developed by playing with sports toys have a huge impact on the holistic growth of kids. They learn how to cope with competition, opponents, rules and colleagues.

At the same time, playing with sports toys helps burn calories which helps them stay fit and get rid of toxins from the body. Popular sports toys for kids include bowling sets, volleyballs, kickballs, dodgeballs, etc. Choosing age-appropriate toys for your child is crucial to ensure their safety and comfort. 

Arts and Crafts 

Arts and crafts have an important role in a child's development, helping them grow into well-rounded adults. Children also learn to express themselves in new ways and foster a love of creativity for a lifetime. From painting and drawing to crafting, you can find a wide range of toys in this category to engage and inspire children of all ages. 

At Joy Baby, we understand that toys are not only a medium of entertainment for kids they are a great source of developing creativity, social skills, and brain coordination. Choose from a plethora of toys such as kids' ride-on toys, puzzles, building toys, and musical toys online in Australia with us.

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